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We help you feed your dog balanced meals

Using high quality ingredients already in your fridge. 

We know dogs feel their best on wholesome, real food

So we create various homemade diet plans, tailored to your dogs' unique needs. Below you will see some examples of those diets, and some issues they can address.

Adult Dog Homemade Diet

Puppy (Small/Large Breed) Diet

Vegetarian & Vegan Diets

Specialized Diets (Weight Loss, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free)

Health Conditions & Illnesses Diet

Are you ready to make a switch?

At Spunky Tails, we help you understand your pet's specific nutritional requirements so you can give them the healthiest life possible. 


I take as much care in choosing Gracie's food as I do for other members of my family. Understanding her nutritional requirements was an important part of that and Jenaya helped me do just that. Thank you!

Liz and Gracie

Boris is like a child to me, so over the last years I have been adding homemade food into his kibble. When he got sick, I knew it was time to go full speed. Jenaya held my hand through the whole process.

Karen and Boris

Feeding your dog should NOT be rocket science

Spunky tails approach does not require a mathematical equation to feed your dog. We encourage you to follow the same approach you do for yourself or your kids - basic nutritional knowledge, lots of fresh ingredients and plenty of variety in their diets!

It also should NOT cost an arm and a leg

Fresh food does not have to be expensive. Using the same ingredients you use for yourself and other family members, you dog can be happy and healthy with minimal effort!