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The History of Kibble

Over 15,000 years ago, humans began to domesticate our dogs. Dogs followed humans around the globe and lived in close proximity. Thus, they were fed what was available locally, which was mostly bread, barley, and a few scraps from the stew pot, with an occasional piece of meat added in.

Becoming House Pets

The Industrial Revolution and the growth of a more affluent middle class led to dogs and cats becoming house pets. The world’s first commercial food was developed by an electrician named James Spratt in 1860s, who noticed that dogs along the riverbanks were eating leftover dry biscuits left by sailors. These inexpensive crackers led Spratt to reason that dog owners were also in need of a shelf-stable option for their pets. Utilizing an aggressive advertising strategy, the American public became hooked on the first dog biscuit.

the very first kibble

As World War II wrapped up, advertising can be deemed the primary cause of the shift from fresh to processed food because it associated processed food with an ideal, desirable lifestyle many families seen on TV.

During this time, General Mills and The Ralston Purina Company started taking notice of the commercial pet food market. In 1956, the first dry kibble was produced using a process known as extrusion. In this process, the dough is cooked under extreme pressurized steam using high temperatures, and the die-cut machine cuts small shapes we recognize as kibble today. Just like with human food, advertising was used to convince consumers that kibble was the only food option for their pets.

kibble today

Today, pet food companies produce kibble using the same process of extrusion. While this process optimizes shelf-life, it significantly impacts the nutrient composition of food and poses many other health risks. High-quality protein and organic ingredients many brands claim on their packaging get turned into nutritional-less mush. The manufacturer must then add synthetic vitamins and minerals to compensate for the real ones lost.

the journey there and back

As humans, we started the journey with fresh ingredients, then made our way to ingesting highly processed diets of McDonald’s and Twinkies in the post-WWII era. With more research about the connection between processed foods and diseases, we are now able to make better, educated decisions about the food we put into our bodies. As we take those steps to replenish our health and make better choices, shouldn’t we make the same judgment call for our beloved pets?

how i can help?

Many years ago, I went through a transition of switching my own diet from highly processed foods to eating fresh and organic meats, vegetables and grains. The changes I felt and saw shocked me! My energy returned, my anxiety lessened and my skin glowed. During that time, my dog Charlie was diagnosed with seizures at a very young age and put on expensive, debilitating medication that made him lose his hair and become lifeless. I decided to make the same fresh food call for him as I made for myself and switched him over to homemade dog food. With the help of some holistic herbs, Charlie has been medication and seizure–free for over 12 years! After experiencing such a life-changing phenomenon of what fresh food could do, I made it my life goal to help other pet parents see the same results.

With our busy lives, it often hard to find time to research healthy options for our dogs. Let me do it for you! As a dog nutritionist coach, I am passionate to help you realize the full potential of your pet’s health. How do I do that? I start with getting to know YOUR family, YOUR pets, and YOUR lifestyle choices. Based on that, I make recommendations and coach you throughout the whole experience. We can start slow or ramp it up full speed, that is up to you! With a happy, healthy pet, you can spend less time searching online and visiting doctors, and more time doing things you love!