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3 Month Package - (Health Issues/ Homemade Dog Food Support)

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The three-month package is a comprehensive, all-inclusive package perfect for pets who are...

1. Ready to make the permanent switch a homemade dog food diet, and want to do it right! 

2.  Struggling with chronic health issues, such as kidney disease, obesity, allergies, cancer, gallbladder issues, and more. 

What you will receive...

  • One hour assessment and goal setting session
  • Weekly 30-minute follow-up appointments
  • Three-month text support for any questions
  • 1 free recipe (tailored to your pet)
  • A colorful E-Book tailored to your pet

Our Approach:

Your pet is a unique individual, just like you! In our coaching sessions, we help you understand the very basics that makeup pet nutrition, and help you tailor them to your pet. We provide you with recipes and guides to help you be successful and answer your questions along the way.

Your Dog is a Unique Individual

My goal is to help pet parents feel comfortable preparing food for their dogs. There is no "right" way or "only" way to feed them. Pet owners have different beliefs regarding feeding raw or cooked foods; both beliefs are valid. Owners also have different cooking abilities, the amount of time allocated to prepare foods, and room to store food. Also, every pet is an individual and has different requirements. 

Dogs with food allergies or food intolerances may need a restricted diet with novel proteins; diabetic pets need a diet low in carbohydrates; pets with kidney failure need a diet with high quality, moderate protein levels that are low in phosphorus; and pets with a history of oxalate stones need a low oxalate diet. 

What I am trying to say is that your dog is an individual, just like you are! Homemade diets allow you, the pet owner, to customize a perfect diet for your beloved pet. With a strong foundation and a basic understanding of energy and food, you can do this on your own! 

What Pet Owners will walk about knowing...

  • The foundation of canine nutrition (the basics to help you get started)
  • Best foods for your pet's energetics and personality
  • How to modify a diet for different disease problems and prevention
  • Understanding of how much to feed your pet
  • How to prepare and store your food
  • Sample diets
  • and more!

      3 Month Package - (Health Issues/ Homemade Dog Food Support)

      3 Month Package - (Health Issues/ Homemade Dog Food Support)