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6 Month Puppy Homemade Dog Food Package

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The six-month package is a comprehensive, all-inclusive homemade food package perfect for small, medium, or large breed puppies whose nutritional needs change from month to month.

What you will receive...

  • A set of monthly recipes for your puppy’s changing needs
  • One-hour online assessment and goal setting session
  • Weekly 30-minute follow-up appointments
  • 6-month text-message or email support for any questions (Mon-Fri)
  • A colorful E-Book tailored to your puppy

Our Approach:

Feeding your puppy high-quality homemade dog food is critical to building a strong foundation for his entire life. The weight of the puppy can double in a short period of time, and it is important to provide the right amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals to ensure proper growth. And while puppies have those cute, pudge bodies that are nice to cuddle with, maintaining an appropriate weight is important to reduce stress on their developing bodies and to prevent obesity later in life.

In our six-month puppy package, I will work with you to come up with a feeding plan for your growing puppy and help tailor it to your unique puppy needs. I will provide you with recipes and guides to help you be successful and answer your questions along the way. I also offer complimentary text-message or email support as questions come up along the way.

How this works...

Step 1:

Within the 24 hours after you purchase your six-month puppy package, you will receive a welcome email from me.

Step 2:

We will set an initial meet date, which can be done over the phone, Zoom, or even via emails if you prefer. During this one-hour assessment, you will tell me about your puppy and your own unique eating habits. I will follow up with any additional questions to create a perfect feeding plan for your puppy.

Step 3:

I will tailor a unique recipe plan for your puppy, that will change monthly as he grows.

Step 4:

We can meet weekly to monitor the growth of your puppy. Along the way, you will be able to text or email me if any questions arise.


What Pet Owners will walk about knowing...

  • How to prepare and store your food
  • How much to feed your puppy
  • How often to feed your puppy
  • What superfoods to add to your puppy’s meals
  • and more!
6 Month Puppy Homemade Dog Food Package

6 Month Puppy Homemade Dog Food Package